This is the blog for, I'll be talking about it's development, site updates, and public transport in general. The aim of is to provide online door to door public transport journey planning for trains and buses in the UK. There's already some great sites that do this such as and but this site will hopefully offer the following advantages:

  • Route first - Rather than forcing the user to click "Later departures", "Earlier departures" to see other routes, it will show all possible routes that day (eg just by bus, just by train, by bus and train) and users can click to see all departments that day for a particular route.

  • Walking routes between stops shown on a map
    Integrated with other sites - I always find myself having to look for start/end points on google maps when I'm planning public transport journeys. This site will have links straight to google & bing maps for every step of the journey.

  • Permalinks - to make book marking and sharing journeys easier

  • Customisable journeys - Once a journey is displayed the user will be able to change a connecting bus/train service. This will be useful if the user wants to delay a part of the journey or use a different service.

  • Accessible - This site will be keyboard friendly and I'll be testing it using screen readers such as NVDA to make sure it's as user accessible as possible.

  • User friendly search - I hope to make the process of finding start/stop locations a similar experience to google maps - put in company names or maybe the ability to drag a pin about a map.

Well that's it for now. I'll be covering the technology and data in later posts.