These are effective from Sunderland from 23 July 2017. More information at

Black Cats 2 & 2A

Route & Timetable changes

indiGo 82, 82A and 82B - including new services 81, 83 and 84

Routing & timetables changes, also they are changing to new services numbers:
81: Galleries to Harraton via Lambton, Ayton and Rickleton. On evenings and Sundays, this service will extend to Birtley, replacing service 82B
82: Galleries to Birtley via Lambton, Ayton and Portmeads
83: Galleries to Concord via Sainsbury’s, Biddick, Barmston Court, Barmston Waskerley Road and Hertburn Industrial Estate
84: Galleries to Heworth via Sainsbury’s, Glebe, Washington Village, Barmston Village Centre, Spout Lane, Concord and Donwell.
Service 84 will continue to run via Follingsby Park at peak times.
Services 83 and 84 will continue to serve both Barmston Village Centre and Waskerley Road.

indiGo 85

Timetable changes

indiGo 86

Route & tiemtable changes

Service 982 & Service X36

Services will be discontinued

intu Metrocentre services X66 and S1

S1 route will be merged in X66, with route & timetable changes.